About Josey

In the past, I battled with self-acceptance and having a positive body image. I can remember looking at the cover of my first Britney Spears album when I was 8 and I thought to myself, “Why don’t my legs look that small when I sit that way?” This continued througKateJenniPhotography3h middle school when I received the wonderful nickname of “big butt.”

After several years of battling with myself and the scale, I have come to accept and love my mind and body. I am 5 foot, big boned, I have a bubble butt, and I love sweets.

I grew up in a small town and I never experienced a fitness center. I did sports from 5th grade on, but I didn’t know how to use an elliptical until my freshman year of college. Over the past seven years, the gym has become my second home & I look forward to going every day.

I have become passionate about lifting weights, finding new ways to work my muscles, and watching my body change.