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Conquering an at Home Gym

Something I have been asked about lately is what do you do when you do not have access to a fitness facility. So often, people are traveling, live in the country, or just don’t have enough time to get to the gym after work. It is so nice to know that you can work out at home, and then go about the rest of your day! I have brainstormed a few different things I have in my house that make is so easy for me to rock a workout in my living room!

Small Hand Weights: You can do so much with 5-10 lb dumbbells, it is crazy!! If the it seems too light, just add more reps– Focus on form and feel the burn, baby!

Bands: These are my new found obsession! Whether you are working on your booty or doing curls, these are so versatile and gentle on your muscles.

Towel or plates: These will make your booty burn–Holy cow!

Yoga Mat: Just a simple mat makes it so great to stretch, work on a few yoga poses, and work your core muscles.

Jump Rope: Set goals for your self! Try to get 100 jumps as fast as you can, or add some double unders to make you really sweat!

Here we go! No excuses my friends–Enjoy your amazing at home workout and know that just a little bit a day is better than nothing! You guys are rockstars!



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